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100 x ROAMING 2017-08-24T23:39:12+00:00
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Rocco has just teamed up with Egomonk to offer “100 x ROAMING” a unique service to the Roaming industry that combines Roaming resources and Innovation experts to deliver a new concept for all kinds of strategic Roaming challenges.

Have you ever wondered why some Action plans take so long to deliver?  In this industry we ask our Roaming Managers, to do so many kinds of jobs: negotiate, project plan, project manage, process engineer and at the same time juggle relationships with finance, regulatory, marketing and legal teams. Often they’re dealing with people on international projects, that they’ve never met, while tackling language, cultural and time differences. They may even be asked to build the Roaming Strategy and deliver it too.

Sometimes action plans fail because no supplier available to you has ever designed the right tools for your needs, or are simply not responsive or have enough resources to meet your targets. Sometimes it’s just that your processes are not optimal or the project you want to run just isn’t part of the greater strategy.


ROCCO is a recently established British company with resources with firm foundations in Roaming for almost 20 years. Our passion for Roaming has taken us through all four generations of Roaming experience with projects covering LTE, Wi-Fi Roaming, Roaming MVNO’s and Roaming Hubbing.

Our partner, Egomonk is a boutique consultancy firm operating in the verticals of Innovation, Strategy, Digital Media and Intercultural Relations. They use a combination of “moonshot” techniques such as Gamification, Activated Marketing, Lean & Agile Development, Empathic Insight, etc. to help clients grow 100x in terms of revenue, margin, impact footprint, volume, etc. www.egomonk.com

We believe that this combination of having ROCCO’s experienced Roaming Consultants and Egomonk’s Hyper-growth Specialists will help catalyze your business across seemingly disparate verticals such as operations, branding, communication, visibility, etc. unifying efforts to form more holistic value driven processes and thus remove bottlenecks for growth to unlock massive value.

When subject matter expertise meets contrarian creative thinking to analyze all kinds of Roaming related strategic issues, you can be sure to expect savings, customer and resource satisfaction, time delay reduction, process efficiencies and so much more.


So how does it work?

  • We start by meeting you and your team and running a couple of simple but effective Strategic Models to identify “challenge areas” for your business. These are the areas that we all agree need to be addressed.
  • Following on from this we take some time to conceptualize and design a Strategic Workshop specifically for your “challenge areas” which we then deliver to you and your key personnel.
  • We also make recommendations based on our mutual findings and design action plans for you to address with or without our help. If you wish, we can jointly execute these plans and help take your business to the next level.

There after we can explore other avenues through which we can take this collaboration forward and deliver more value to you.


The costs involved in delivering 100 x ROAMING are minimal when compared to the savings you can make from simply bringing subject matter experts into your Strategic environment. Our only objective is to deliver value to your business and to help you think outside of the standard comfort zones in roaming to achieve bigger goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about 100 x ROAMING please contact us to discuss our approach, pricing and timescales.

Sometimes it just makes sense to see what a difference Strategic Consultants can achieve for your business.