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People who know me know I like to cook and enjoy a nice glass of wine. But when a friend asked me recently was I looking forward to Autumn? I asked what was so significant about October and they answered, “It’s harvest time, time for natures rich bounty to be delivered!”

“Right!” I thought to myself somewhat excitedly. But then the doubt came in…with the diverse weather we’ve been having what can we really expect from our crops this year… and how can we possibly mitigate their performance in future years? So my response was simple, “Are you expecting a good harvest?”

What’s certain is that with the weather, economics and changes in customer communication behaviors we’ve seen this year, the question got me thinking about whether it was going to be a good harvest for Roaming.

The seasonality in our Roaming businesses has always appeared somewhat static, we know very well the conditions for good results and bad results, we can even account for the occasional force majeure, but actually more and more operators are coming to me to ask what I expected from future Roaming harvests, simply because the future of our traffic is no longer so certain.

While I don’t think we can fully mitigate what happens in the Macro environment from year to year, will we simply let it control our Roaming performance or should we take the future in our own hands?

I consider that with a strong Strategic planning, considering all Macro environmental analysis Operators can start to imagine the future seasonality of Roaming and mitigate the risks or challenges proactively starting immediately.

It’s not about predicting the future but about predicting and working through several kinds of futures and having sufficient planning to be able to jump with a mitigation plan when we experience unexpected conditions.

With all the new opportunities in Roaming such as Machine-to-Machine, LTE, WIFI Roaming and Roaming MVNOs there are certainly some interesting projects ahead which may be considered by Operators to develop new traffic opportunities.

In these times of uncertainty, we may not be able to predict the future but with good Strategy we can always plan on having a good harvest.

ROCCO’s Roaming 360 Strategic Planning uses up to 40 Strategic models to look at macro, micro and local analysis and allow us to imagine all your future harvests.

With our knowledge of new opportunities in Roaming such as Machine-to-Machine, WIFI Roaming and LTE were able to consider your company’s growth or what you may need to explore new opportunities.

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