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The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) programme (marketed as joyn) is a global initiative to deploy inter-operator RCS services. Operators across the industry are involved.

For consumers, it has the potential to combine voice and SMS with instant messaging or chat, live video sharing and file transfer across all devices and networks, via mobile address books. It is seen as more limited than its competitors, because it is only available to some telecommunications carriers.

Main features of RCS are:

  • Enhanced Phonebook: with service capabilities and presence enhanced contacts information
  • Enhanced Messaging: enables a large variety of messaging options including chat and messaging history
  • Enriched Call: enables multimedia content sharing during a voice call. For many years, Nokia and Ericsson have been pushing a “see what I see” capability, but this has failed to be taken up by operators, or the way it was deployed failed to result in great take-up by consumers. Bundling this feature with the two other features may help to increase uptake.

RCS is a service upgrade that marks the transition of messaging and voice capabilities from Circuit Switched technology to an all-IP world. RCS and Voice over Long Term Evolution (VOLTE) share the same  IP Multimedia System (IMS) investment and leverage the same IMS capabilities. Wider and large scale IMS deployment, interoperability between different terminal vendor RCS clients and RCS service interworking between operators are the key aims of the RCS Initiative.

Thanks to GSMA for the attached image.

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