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Solving the puzzle of worldwide coverage is like solving a Rubik’s Cube,  there are those Roaming Departments who amaze you by solving the puzzle in a short time and those that try hard but never really finish.

What suppliers did they choose, what’s their strategy and how did they implement it? 

Worldwide International Roaming is like that, there are a number of factors which influence the result.  ROCCO Consultants have worked in experienced operators and vendors, Roaming Hubs and Dual IMSI Suppliers and offer strategic support to help Operators achieve their Roaming coverage targets. We can help with:

Top-Up: ROCCO offers a complete strategic review for Operators who are looking to top-up their International Roaming status. We look at your processes and targets and give consultancy on how to achieve greater results faster. There are some tricks of the trade which we use to help you meet your targets.

Start-Up: Where to start? ROCCO offers a full delivery service, including Strategy, setting up a roaming team and selecting vendors as well as a monitoring and support service to ensure you achieve the fast worldwide results. It’s important to make the right vendor decisions, understand the GSMA Standards you should follow and choose the right people in our industry to get you started.

In our industry, your choices make a significant difference to your results. 

Having a good Roaming Strategy can have many benefits to your targets:

  • A reduction in Roaming Costs
  • More Roaming Partners in more places than competitors, by creating efficiencies in the processes and tricks of the trade
  • An optimization of Revenue Streams and margins
  • More positive relationships with Roaming Partners and Roaming Customers


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