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This article is the fourth in a series of 10 articles on the techniques which can be used to get Roaming Partners to sign Roaming Agreements with you. Seduction may not sound like the right word for the skill needed to get other Operators to be your partner, but what we really mean here is that you have to “win them over” to your way of thinking.  These articles are intended to help you get your roaming agreements signed and launched quick!

These days we’re tuned differently to receive information. Our processing powers are more sophisticated. Information was KING but now if information is not easy to consume and relay then simply the process stops.

In the Roaming world the kind of formal information received from less experienced Operators  is quite concerning, it may be out of date, contain the wrong contact details or not even be fully complete. Documentation packs are a great idea provided all the information is relevant but it’s rarely the case that a Roaming Partner gets all the information they need in a single e-mail, meaning they have to follow up. Following up is another process were going to talk about later in this series of articles.

In other words get it right first time.

But it’s more than that. Think about what we really want. When Operators decided to invent a processing solution for key Roaming data (RAEX) it was through a common need to process quicker and easier Roaming information. In an ideal world there would be no documentation; i would send you and XML file containing all my information on forming an agreement with you (contract included) and you would be able to act quickly to consume and process that information (like a machine to machine device). But alas we’re not quite there yet.


The Basic Technique: Ensure that you provide as much useful and relevant documentation as possible in your initial mail.

IR.21, AA.14 are necessary documents and should be up-to-date at all times. Ensure all contacts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are valid and tested. Always use the latest versions of these GSMA documents.


The Seduction: Find a way to exchange with your Roaming Partner all the information needed in a consumable format. Make sure your IR.21 and AA.14 IOT and OpData are RAEX Compliant. If the documents are in RAEX format they can be pulled into local databases easily and this allows the operator to run specific reports which create efficiency for them. There are some operators who may even refuse you if you don’t use RAEX.

Provide in your infopack a document which gives an executive summary of your network. Present your network well, building a story of your unique selling points. Provide coverage information or links to coverage information especially for LTE/4G.

This works because good communication is a great time saver and time optimiser to any Roaming project. A well presented Documentation pack gives a clear message to a Roaming Partner that you as a new operator are professional and mean to do business in an efficient and organised way, setting the right tone for a fruitful long term Roaming relationship.

Look out for next weeks article on Technique Number 6.

Grow Roaming Consult Rocco.

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