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We’re into the TOP 5. This article is the 6 in a series of 10 articles on the techniques which can be used to get Roaming Partners to sign Roaming Agreements with you. Seduction may not sound like the right word for the skill needed to get other Operators to be your partner, but what we really mean here is that you have to “win them over” to your way of thinking.  These articles are intended to help you get your roaming agreements signed and launched quick!

“What have you got for me”? Isn’t that how you would like to put it. Let’s cut to the chase, traffic is one of the most important factors  to a Roaming Partner when faced with a beauty contest of Operators wanting their attention and it can get action fast. Inbound Roaming Traffic represents in many ways the financial factor since it signifies pure and simply what revenues can be made from a Roaming Partner.

If your coverage area isn’t significant or you haven’t rolled out all the services you would like, taking about your Outbound traffic is a big plus.

We will get into discounts later in this series, but in general terms a Roaming Partner is going to look at your traffic as pure standard IOT inbound revenue, which normally comes at very little cost to them as they have already built their Mobile network for their own customers and inviting your customers to visit their network is just like having a paying guest in your own home (your bills are already paid and a little bit of extra cash never hurt anyone).

The Basic Technique: Provide Traffic figures. How many Roamers you have and what are their habits. Normally if you’ve planned your Roaming Roll-out plan well and your customers are influencing your decision about which Roaming Partners to work with, then it’s probably clear to you the benefits of working with Roaming Partners in a specific country. But don’t just leave it to chance, find out from your Marketing department who the customers are and what traffic they suspect they have and tell your Roaming Partners when you first contact them.

This works because it simply adds value to your Roaming Agreement, because if you have good traffic, the estimated financial benefits will probably be several times greater than the costs incurred in resources for testing and opening the agreement.

Traffic is simply Roaming accounting, ensure there’s win win profit.

The Seduction: Make a breakdown of traffic by pre-pay v post-pay, consumer v corporate. Identify what corporates you may have which your Roaming Partner also has if possible as this often makes perfect business sense.

In the case where you have a major VIP who wants to travel to that country and roam, then tell your Roaming Partner about it and drive the timescales for delivery well.


Look out for next weeks article on Technique Number 4.

Grow Roaming Consult Rocco.

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