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Introducing ROCCO Research

When you want to know the answer for certain, you have to do some research. But sometimes however hard you look for the information you need it’s not available to you.

From June 2013 ROCCO is conducting industry surveys. We will use our skills in Roaming Consulting, commitment to efficiency gains and our datavision to create multiple professional surveys which will provide meaningful data regarding some of our industries most important Roaming processes.

Our mission is to analyse behaviours, the Roaming processes which we follow and the suppliers who help us to follow them, with the aim to improve our productivity as an industry. Our purpose is not to point fingers at specific faults but only to stimulate discussion and positive change. It’s time to evaluate where we are and understand where we can be, based on real data from our Industry. What new efficiencies can we create? How we can move processes forward to bring them to the best they can be? We believe the answers are out there.

What’s unique about ROCCO is:

  • Our completely unbiased and neutral role in the Industry
  • Our wide experience of Roaming (we’ve worked for small Operators, Operator Groups and multiple Supplier types)
  • Our need to provide real Roaming Consultancy based on data and global opinion and not just ideas

That’s why we believe we’re perfectly placed in the Industry to do the research that we’re doing.

ROCCO Surveys will run simultaneously via our Website and through the ROCCO Research call centre. You can find out more information about how we conduct our surveys at our websites Research pages.

We will publish the types of Roaming Surveys we are conducting and the timelines for these Surveys on our Website soon. We look forward to sharing the results of Roaming Surveys with anyone who is willing to take part in these surveys.

It’s an exciting change for us and for the industry and we hope that you will help us (when from time to time we ask for your help) to complete our surveys, because we know and we will demonstrate that it’s a worthwhile exercise and one which is for a long time needed in our industry.


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