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ROCCO has just launched a new Survey and the topic is one of the most important to the International Roamer… that of Communication and the affordability, availability and service consistency of the International Roaming experience.

Before you ask yourself if this is a sales pitch, please be advised the only thing that we’re trying to sell to you here is a vision.

True Roaming isn’t a solution or something that you can buy it’s an idea of an international roaming experience we’re all promised that still remains mostly in our fantasies.

Our ability to communicate freely on Mobile Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s and “machines”) is more important in our lives than ever before and it becomes even more crucial to stay in touch when we pack our bags and take to the road, sky or sea Internationally Roaming.

ROCCO has started an Initiative to get the whole Roaming ecosystem to consider the True Roaming paradigm and if this ecosystem agrees with what we consider to be the ultimate Roaming experience then to work towards this.

To learn more about specifically what True Roaming is you can follow this link.

How can I make True Roaming a reality?

Owing to public request, ROCCO Research has launched an  8 question survey (ongoing with no final end date) to understand what global opinion is on the affordability, availability and consistency of International Roaming.  We want to measure your experience against our paradigm.

If you believe in True Roaming we would encourage you to take part in the ROCCO True Roaming survey. The results will be published quarterly. The results are free and will help you to know what to expect when you’re Internationally Roaming. at only 7 questions its the shortest Survey we have conducted. A small time investment worth making for the future of our Roaming experiences.

Simply, consider your most recent Roaming experience and complete the survey, the questions are simple and will get you thinking. Click here to complete the survey.




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