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Surveys currently live

For every survey you complete, you will be given free Standard Survey Results summarising all the relevant data. For more information see our About our Roaming Surveys page and Survey FAQs page for questions about our surveys and for our promise of protecting your private data see Our Confidentiality Mandate. Our Research Calendar shows our annual calendar for survey publication.

How we do Roaming in 2015: Survey for Operators on How Roaming is delivered today and what improvements they would like to see

How we do Roaming in 2015


Surveys for Operators about Vendor Market Performance: Surveys about the Performance of Vendors in the Marketplace according to important KPIs set by Operators.

Roaming HUB Vendor Performance Survey

Surveys for Operators about Wholesale Roaming Costs: Surveys about the Market Pricing for Products and Services. These were launched in November 2014 and will run continuously. We will take a cut of the data provided by Operators every March and September and provide Survey Results for all those Operators who took part in that sixth month period. For earlier information, please contact ROCCO.






Roaming Hub



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