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ROCCO Research Survey on European Roaming Regulation is progressing well with several Roaming MVNO’s emerging and some interesting insights. We’re going to close this survey in a few weeks.

Whether you’re doing LBO, or simply a Light MVNO… being part of the new Regulated Europe is going to be interesting times.

In January we’re going to publish our Regulation Survey Results. If you want to get the results and you’re an Operator or MVNO, take part and we will send you the results for free. The Survey is completely confidential.

The objective of the European Roaming Regulation Survey is to capture unbiased information from all the different participants in delivery of the European Roaming Regulation 3. ROCCO supports the European Roaming Regulation and wants to understand on behalf of its clients what to expect from the European Roaming Regulation activity.

The survey has been built by a panel of Roaming experts hand selected by ROCCO to establish questions which serve to provide significant responses. Chief Commercial Officer of ROCCO Jason Bryan says about the survey, “We’re not expecting to deliver absolute results, but Roaming is changing and lots of MVNO and Operators have opinions about it. As Consultants it’s important for us to provide to our clients relevant and recent data we can refer to, as opposed to just conceptual thoughts which aren’t based on anything but hearsay or ideas”.

The survey results will be published in January on www.roamingconsulting.com. By providing their e-mail address, anyone taking part in the survey will be sent a version of the survey results for their own personal use when the survey is published.

Thank you for participating in this survey.

European Roaming Regulation 3

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