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As you may have seen from Starhome’s press release last week, congratulations go to Starhome whose achievements have taken them to the number 1 slot in our Steering of Roaming Survey for 2013. 

192 Operators responded to ROCCO’s Survey Results for Steering of Roaming. Clearly Steering of Roaming is an important topic for Operators and the need for ever faster and more effective precision in Steering is needed.

So what’s the future of Steering of Roaming going to be like? ROCCO has some thoughts…

We believe that the future of Steering will be about segmentation.  Operators may want to steer differently for:

  • Pre-Pay customers to strong CAMEL networks
  • By tariffs, creating classes of service, for example tablet computers may have different steering to Smartphones.
  • M2M Services, also by classes of service
  • Corporate customers
  • Differentiation for MVNO’s especially in Europe

Because of these initiatives also the frequency at which steering occurs may have to change. Steering for a week or a single day your customers to a specific network (say for events or owing to outages and changes in Strategy).

More of our thoughts are contained in the Steering of Roaming Survey Results Advanced Version 2013. 

Operators who took part in our Steering of Roaming Survey will have received their free Standard Copy of the results in September for their contribution to this research. Contact us at research@roamingconsulting.com if you didn’t receive them. 

For those of you who didn’t take part in the survey, the results are available to buy in a Standard or Advanced version from www.roamingconsulting.com
Our DCH Survey and EU3 Regulation Survey are still live and Operators are welcome to take part. Naturally anyone who takes part gets a copy of the Standard results. Join in our Research programme and make your opinions known. 
Welcome to a world of relevant research for the evolution of International Roaming.

Jason Bryan Chief Commercial Officer –  ROCCO

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