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A Year to Remember

Thanks for making 2013 a great year!

Happy holidays from all of us at ROCCO HQ!

2013 has been a year to remember for ROCCO.

In January HDHottdog Design and Advertising came to our aid to help us buildwww.roamingconsulting.com, which launched in February 2013. Within the first month the website had already achieved 5000 visitors and become a new resource for the Industry looking for Roaming “Intelligence”. ROCCO’s “News from HQ” kept our clients updated on Industry matters.

In March the programme “Top Ten ways to seduce Roaming Partners” was launched which received much attention and in BARG in Dubai ROCCO won our first Industry award for supporting the GSMA Standards!

During the summer both Lillian Grosman and Federica Romano joined ROCCO as Head of Business Development and Strategy and Head of Legal, Regulation and Research. Most of you already know these ladies from the industry and their work in Orange Group and Vodafone Italy.

In July, JT Global in Jersey in the Channel Islands asked ROCCO to join a Partnership for Consulting to deliver

JT Roam Connect, a new service aimed at assisting Operators to get more established Roaming footprints. In August Jason Bryan spoke at TEDX San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on “Roaming Versus Virtuality – Is Travel in our Future?”.

Today ROCCO offers four main product lines: Audits, Strategy, Education and Research as well as providing our day-to-day Consulting work.

We are working with a great variety of customers: Mobile Network Operators, Groups and Alliances, MVNO’s, Start Ups, Roaming Providers, Fraud Providers and we’re really enjoying being part of helping the Industry evolve.

Training has been a key service for our Clients. Jason Bryan provided training for Syniverse Technologies in Paris in July and in September 2013 we prepared a training seminar for the Bridge Alliance Members in Singapore on several important roaming related topics, such as Roaming A-Z, Advanced Roaming Operations, Wi-Fi Roaming, EU Regulation, LTE Roaming and Retail Roaming. ROCCO also started to support the delivery of new Roaming connectivity for Operators of the Bridge Alliance.

These were very interesting events and we are looking forward to providing more bespoke training in 2014 and introducing ROCCO Education which includes our unique Hothouse training programme and Certified Roaming Training (CRT).

2013 was also the year where ROCCO began its first Industry surveys. In May following a request by our Clients we launched “ROCCO Research”, a new part of the company looking specifically at market research for the Roaming Industry. We opened the research with a survey on Steering of Roaming. We formed a research team and performed hundreds of calls to Operators gathering feedback on SOR providers and processes.

In October the Steering of Roaming Survey was completed and in November the Financial Clearing Survey.

We are thrilled that 100’s of Operators took the time to complete these surveys and that the results were used in panel discussions in the recent GSMA BARG meeting. The results are insightful and meaningful both for Operators and Providers. We believe that Operators can use the results as a tool to learn more about the available solutions of the Industry and help them evaluate the different providers.

As for providers, we hope that you can use this information to understand the perception of your clients and help improve or fill possible gaps highlighted in our Surveys.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the surveys. Congratulations Starhome for being selected as the leader of the Steering of Roaming Survey, closely followed by number 2, Roamware. For the Financial Clearing Survey the leader was Comfone who did so well in many categories and also a congratulations to Nextgen for getting 2nd place.

We also want to congratulate the winners of the iPADs which were given away as prizes for each survey. We invite more operators to participate in these surveys to help your Providers identify areas of improvement and to share ideas amongst you.

Currently we are still running surveys on Data ClearingEU regulation and Roaming Hubbing. Please use this opportunity to complete these surveys during the Holidays.

In 2014 we will launch new surveys on RMS and IOT Management tools as well as a survey on M2M. We will repeat the surveys from this year so that we can find the winners of 2014.

At ROCCO we are happy to see how Operators are reacting to these surveys. It is a lot of work to prepare the questions and compile the results but it is so useful. We only wished that we had had these results before now as any Roaming Department will know how challenging it can be to select a provider for a given service.

ROCCO could not have made the year as exciting and fun without the support of our clients and fans in the Industry. We really appreciate your support and guidance.

Let’s make a toast to a great year gone by and to an exciting, challenging and fun packed 2014.

Thank you! From all of us at ROCCO.

Federica, Lillian and Jason.

Our year in pictures

Lillian Grosman, Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Starhome took the lead in our SOR Survey
Jason Bryan presented in TED X San Miguel de Allende
Our Data Clearing Survey is almost closed… click here to give your views… and the results will be published in January.
Egomonk our partner in 100XRoaming
Federica Romano: Head of Legal, Regulation and Research
Our Roaming Hubbing Survey is now Open!
JT Roam Connect… we’re helping JT with Consulting!
Roaming360 Our brand of Products and Services
Our articles on how to seduce Roaming Partners! Available from Global Briefing
ROCCO’s founder and CCO Jason Bryan
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