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ROCCO Education is part of our centre of excellence which helps our clients grow roaming.


ROCCO Education includes:


When it comes to Roaming education, there’s always someone in the team who needs a helping hand and with ROCCO’s unique Training options you can be assured that you can find the right option.

We’ve given training to individuals and groups at Seminars, in industry conferences and bespoke trainings for companies who simple need all their staff to be up-to-date. You can come to us or we can come to you. Cheaper than you may imagine.

Imagine really being equipped to handle a project with the relevant knowledge to impress and keep everyone on their toes. Then your imagining how you feel after one of our training events.

So what Training do we offer? Here are our options for you.


ROCCO 121: One ROCCO Trainer and one delegate for Training. This is certified Training according to the ROCCO U Programme. Delegates take an exam and receive grading and certification.  We agree the topic for training and provide 1 or more days of training in order to meet certification expectations.

Roaming Strategy Seminars: Specially created Interactive Workshops on Industry hot topics. Designed for Roaming Managers, Directors and Entrepreneurs. The Roaming Strategy seminar is aimed at Roaming personnel who deal with strategic decision making within their day to day work. These Seminars are not certified.

Hothouse Induction:  A 3 Day Certified Training Course (According to the ROCCO U Programme) for Roaming beginners in Coordination, Management, IOT Negotiator or Director roles with no books, no projector, no slides, no handouts, no computers – just hardcore training for an intense but highly effective training session. Delegates take an exam and receive grading and certification.

Roundtables: Our Roundtables get all your management team up to speed on key industry topics and interactive with this unique combination of Training and Strategy. Roundtables are not certified.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here we can mix and match something bespoke for you.


Check out our webpage to learn more about our Training or ROCCO U: Certification for Roaming

Contact Jason Bryan @ jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com to find out more about the dates for Training events and prices.

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