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Training experiences can be very varied. How often have you been to a Training programme were you get the feeling that you’re the only person whose really engaged…

ROCCO’s Hothouse Roaming Induction is a 3 Day Certified Training Course for Roaming professionals at all levels.

Its unique for our industry because there are no books, no projector, no slides, no handouts, no computers – just direct training from a highly engaged trainer for an intense but effective certified training session.

There’s nothing else like this in our industry today and no other certified training courses. Full of insights about our personal experiences working in Operators, the Training is given by People with minimum 10 years Roaming Experience and often up to 20 year Roaming Experience. With ROCCO’s industry Research and our knowledge of best practice from Auditing we have detailed insights to share with you. We use techniques that allow the delegates to stay focussed on learning and develop a strong understanding of the topics.

This Training course is Certified and part of ROCCO Education’s ROCCO U Programme.


Certified Training: 

Our Training is certified which means that you will complete an Exam online with Electronic Exam papers at the end of each training course for the Training you have received. Everyone who takes part in the training will receive a certificate indicating their performance during the training and according to the exam results. Your certificates mean that according to the training you have attended, you can demonstrate to your employee a certain degree of knowledge in Roaming.



There are four different kinds of Hothouse Training catered towards specific roles in Operators: Roaming Coordinators, Roaming Managers, IOT Negotiators and Roaming Directors. Incase you already have one of these roles, this training will provide you with the certification that you have reached a certain degree of knowledge in Roaming which you can use to demonstrate you are qualified. Incase you need to understand the roles of people junior to you, these certified trainings in a few days can help you to really understand the roles within your team.


What does the training cover: 

Everything you need to know as relevant to the nature of your role in the business. But includes: Roaming Introduction, Strategy,  Operations, Commercials, ROCCO’s top tips for the role you are undertaking and Industry Hot topics.



  • An open mind, our Hothouse Induction is unconventional but highly effective and proven to bring results
  • Your delegates should not expect us to present slides, provide handouts during the training and they should not spend time making notes (your delegates will receive a training pack after the training has concluded (notes of what we covered) but we guarantee they will learn the most from the meeting room. This is what real training is about.
  • This is an electronics-off meeting
  • Your ability to travel to one of our Seminars in one of the worlds Hub locations e.g. Dubai, Rome, New York
  • 3 Days out of the office (not including travel)
  • Highly motivating and exciting with real team building and rapport - a unique training experience.

What do I do next:  

1. Decide which level of Roaming Knowledge you want to reach, Coordinator, Manager, IOT Negotiator or Director.

2. Ask about the Hothouse training dates for 2014.

3. Get signed up!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Training Certifications in general, Hothouse Roaming Induction or our other training simply contact Jason Bryan at jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com



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