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ROCCO introduces Certified Training for Roaming

Ask any experienced Roaming Manager and they will tell you, Roaming is a specialist area. Specialist not only in that you’re dealing with a specific function but also with standards, tools and systems which don’t exist in other fields. It should also be noted that most mobile operators don’t know where to put the roaming function within the business, should it go in Finance, Marketing or Procurement?

Ask any experienced Roaming Manager and they will also tell you that resourcing is tough. It’s not easy bringing fresh minds into the roaming environment. Should I hire a finance specialist to do my discount deals or a negotiation specialist? For Roaming Agreement delivery should I hire a sales professional? All these and more questions have been asked.

Thats why ROCCO introduced Certified Training so that even if your employee doesn’t have the relevant skills we can help them to build them. If they do we can help them to improve them.

Why choose a Certified training course?

ROCCO promotes best practice in Roaming training. We set high standards so you can be assured of the very best in training and subject matter expertise when you choose certified training from one of our approved training professionals. Our Roaming Training certification and training solutions help organisations like yours lead in Roaming.

Our team at ROCCO require all delegates to have competent trainers which use a variety of participative training methods to engage our delegates. Our learning methods will enable you to apply new knowledge and skills that can quickly and easily transfer to your own organisations Roaming function.

There are over 10 ROCCO approved training courses planned for 2014 operating in over 6 countries. Find a course that operates in your area and see how we can help you.


Raising the standard of training in our industry

Our Training is certified which means that you will complete an Exam online with Electronic Exam papers at the end of each training course for the Training you have received. Everyone who takes part in the training will receive a certificate indicating their performance during the training and according to the exam results. Your certificates mean that according to the training you have attended, you can demonstrate to your management team a certain degree of knowledge in Roaming.

ROCCO certified training can help you to demonstrate your competence in the Roaming profession and go on to achieve professional recognition as an Roaming Coordinator, Roaming Manager, IOT Negotiator or Director.

ROCCO develop and compose course criteria that our training courses and trainers design and deliver. Before any delegate can achieve the status of being ROCCO U certified they must undergo a rigorous exam review, also incorporating a review of performance in the training itself from one of our ROCCO training professionals who will grade the entire performance and arrange for certification to be sent following the course completion.

By completing this thorough review you can be confident that ROCCO trainers will bring their own unique skills to their training as well as providing you with an event you will refer to for years to come and that will help you master the Roaming function.


Your pathway to Roaming competence


A member of your staff and a ROCCO Consultant, we agree the topic for training and we set a Training schedule which can be Certified and agree the next steps with you. Programme designed for Roaming Coordinators, Roaming Managers, IOT Negotiators or Roaming Directors.


A 3 Day Certified Training Course for Roaming beginners, no books, no projector, no slides, no handouts, no computers – just hardcore training for an intense but highly effective training session. Programme designed for Roaming Coordinators, Roaming Managers, IOT Negotiators or Roaming Directors.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we can design something bespoke for you.

Check out our webpage to learn more about our Training or ROCCO U: Certification for Roaming

Contact Jason Bryan @ jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com to find out more about the dates for Training events and prices.

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