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There’s always new people to your Roaming Team that have great backgrounds in different fields but need to get up-to-speed with International Roaming. ROCCO helps expedite your projects by offering 121 Training called ROCCO121. Sometime classical training won’t let your staff get the personal focus they need on the topics that are important to them. How useful are seminars if only half the topics are relevant.

How does it work?

It starts with a member of your staff and a ROCCO Consultant, we agree the topic for training and we set a training schedule which can be Certified and agree the next steps with you. Programme designed for Roaming Coordinators, Roaming Managers, IOT Negotiators or Roaming Directors.


  • One interested person, ready to learn.
  • At your place or ours or even online.
  • One ROCCO Training Consultant.
  • That special 121 focus which allows for individuals to learn.
  • This Training is part of our Certification Programme ROCCO U which means at the end of the training you will have an exam and receive a certificate. ROCCO U: Certification for Roaming

Ask us about your needs and we can arrange something bespoke for you at a budget which works.

Welcome to a world of relevant education for the evolution of Roaming.





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