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How few Roaming people know for certain what is the customers Roaming experience? Roaming Managers are not themselves specifically Roamers. Sure network teams will give feedback on customers performance but what is the customer really experiencing, how often does your IREG tester go out into the field to test?

Operators often do surveys with their customers but feedback from these exercises can be limited. So how we know how to develop roaming solutions accordingly…

In ROCCO we need to know the answer to question of customer experience… we also want to know how far away from the customers perception of the perfect Roaming experience do they actually experience?

So our Research department created a public survey (any Roamer can complete this)… and named it after this perfect Roaming scenario which we call “TRUE ROAMING™“. This survey was launched in 2013 and the first review of the results will happen later this year. The Survey has been spread to all kinds of media across the world using social platforms in order to get a global opinion on the Roaming experience.

Take part in our Survey and receive the results when they are published later this year. You can take part as many times as you like and it only takes 5 minutes to complete.

To learn more about specifically what True Roaming™ is you can follow this link.

 Click here to complete the survey.

If you like our survey, feel free to pass it on to others, its public so anyone can complete it. Many thanks for your support of this initiative.


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