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ROCCO’s advanced survey results are a one-of-a-kind data source. They contain all kinds of insights, over 100 pages of detailed comparisons of Providers, responses from Operators in graph formats and information which cannot be found elsewhere.

ROCCO created the surveys to assist Operators with outsourcing challenges and get opinions on some of the most complex processes within our industry. If you’re looking to expedite your selection of providers for your Roaming business they’re a worthwhile investment that may save you time and money in investigating the right suppliers for you.

Here’s a sample of the some of the data you can find within these reports.

Created by ROCCO Consultants with the help of leading GSMA names in Standards the results are for Roaming Managers in a language they can understand. Our Advanced Survey Results are available from our website Survey Results page and you can even pay by Credit Card directly from the site. Click here to browse the Survey results page.

Whose Reporting is the best in the market? Whose reports integrate well with Operators systems? Whose the most trustworthy and innovative providers? Contact us to learn more about our Surveys.

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