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We have been watching the progress on our Roaming Hubbing survey for several weeks here at ROCCO HQ since two members of our team worked on the GSMA Open Connectivity project and helped build Roaming Hubs in Vodafone and Orange Groups. This was a close one for a while but in the end the support for Comfone made them run into the leadership position.

These are interesting times for Roaming Hubs. According to our Roaming Hubbing Survey, Hubbing is a growing aspect of Roaming today dealing with crucial connectivity, despite GSMA Standards not being optimal for Roaming Hubbing to truly flourish. Our Roaming Hubbing survey reveals that despite there being leaders there are also several close followers and this isn’t a market where you choose only one Roaming Hub, so we hope our data about the top 5 Roaming Hubs in terms of leadership and performance is of interest to Operators. We see clear competition in this market from Link2One, BICS and Orange who have achieved good scores in our Leadership and Performance criterias.

But if you’re choosing a hub, what better feedback than our Survey Results to let you understand the pitfalls before you reach them. Operators who took part in our Roaming Hub Survey will have just received their free Standard Copy of the results as a BIG THANK YOU for their contribution to this research. Contact us at research@roamingconsulting.com if you didn’t receive them. For those of you who didn’t take part in the survey, the results are available to buy in a Standard or Advanced version from www.roamingconsulting.com

Our survey on Roaming Management Systems is available for your feedback and Operators are welcome to take part. Naturally anyone who takes part gets a copy of the Standard results. Join in our Research programme and make your opinions known.

And finally, our congratulations go to Comfone whose achievements have taken them to the leadership position in our Roaming Hubbing survey for 2014.

Welcome to a world of relevant research for the evolution of International Roaming.

Jason Bryan Chief Commercial Officer –  ROCCO


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