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The GSMA Operator Compliancy program is gaining momentum, there are more PRDs then ever, so how can a Roaming Supplier or Operator keep on top of the Standards and do their day to day Roaming work?

ROCCO’s Roaming360 Training is a great way to get an overview of what’s contained in the Roaming Standards without having to read 100’s of documents. We use our Roaming Research to enhance our training and bring out the key issues facing operators. We also use our consulting knowledge about Roaming innovations and bypass solutions to give an in-depth review of the more entrepreneurial landscape in Roaming these days.

Is there someone in your team who needs to learn about Roaming Standards? Have your staff experience Certified Roaming Training through our Hothouse Roaming Inductions for Roaming Coordinators, Roaming Managers, IOT Negotiators or LTE IREG Testers. Why is it certified? Because we ask our delegates to take an exam at the end of each day of training. 


Or send your decision makers to our unique Roaming Strategy Seminars, where a number of guest lecturers from Universities and industry thought leaders join ROCCO’s management team in delivering core skills for planning your Roaming Strategy.

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To receive our schedule of Training simply contact Jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com

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