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Roaming Consulting Company Ltd

Telephone: +447730047777
E-Mail: HQ@roamingconsulting.com

“ROCCO” , “Roaming360” and “True Roaming” are Registered Trademarks of the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd.

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When your clients consider buying from you, they are stepping into your world, what does it feel like? 

Being a successful Roaming Provider in times of economic concern, regulation, constant technological change and aggressive competition is challenging and then to build a world in which your customer feels like they have trust and admiration for you can feel far away. It’s not easy making relationships where a customer wants to buy and buy when  you’re not sure if your company is really equipped to support them.   

ROCCO offers Strategic Support for Roaming Providers:

  • At ROCCO we clearly have experience of being Providers as well as insights in the delivery by Providers of Roaming Products at two of the worlds largest Operator Groups.

  • With our Strategic workshops we can help you decide on your strategy, in which products, in which markets, business areas and for which operators and help you frame your message and communications for Operators.

  • With Audits we can identify the relevance, importance and position of your Roaming Products and resources.

  • With our Industry Research we have unique insights into all kinds of Providers, how they are rated and their relationships with their Clients.

  • With our experience in Training we’re equipped to help you bring all your team up-to-speed with all the latest Hop-Topics in Roaming as well as the A-Z of Roaming for real beginners. 


Contact jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com to find out more about how ROCCO can help.

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