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“ROCCO” , “Roaming360” and “True Roaming” are Registered Trademarks of the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd.

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Roaming training which will empower you to make decisions in Roaming

If you’re looking for Roaming training, here are eight reasons to choose ROCCOs training…
  • Up-to-date Training Materials: ROCCO provides Roaming Training every month to Operators and Suppliers in our Industry, we rewrite our Training according to changes in Standards because we follow changes in the documents and attend GSMA meetings.
  • Minimum 15 years experience: We believe that training should be provided by people that have worked in Roaming for at least 15 years and have had hands-on experience with the real issues in Roaming. We are people who know what you’re experiencing and we have lots of advice. Our training materials reflect the experience of multiple trainers cross referencing their knowledge.
  • Roaming 360: We cover all Roaming topics in our Roaming 360 Training. We cover industry hot topics & all the usual Roaming processes. CAMEL, 3G, LTE, Wifi Roaming, Regulation. Or… something bespoke just for you.
  • Certification: We provide certified training, coming with an exam and certificate at the end of the sessions so you can guarantee to make best use of the training opportunity.

  • Endorsed by our Customers: We can send you our customer list so you can ask them what they thought to our training!
  • In your office or at one of our seminars: We are flexible, we can come to your offices and present training or you can join us in our Training Seminars in Dubai, Rome or Singapore.


  • Training should be Fun: We provide truly interactive training, we don’t rely only upon slides, but on interactive learning it helps our Training groups engage. We love training.
  • Something extra: We are unique because we use our industry research, Roaming Audit skills and consulting expertise to compliment our Roaming Training.
Want to understand better CAMEL, 3G, Testing, Contracts and Strategy? Think ROCCO
Contact: jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com to plan your training…

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