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The results are in for our Roaming Management Systems (RMS) survey for 2014.

In our Survey we studied two types of RMS, Operational Tools and Business Intelligence Tools. We announced the leaders in the Operational tools a few days ago and now we’re able to advise the leader in our Business Intelligence Tools survey. We would like to extend our congratulations to Nextgen for their leadership in RMS with its IOTRON (IOT Revenue Online) tool which supports the Business Intelligence needs of Roaming Teams. Nextgen were very closely followed by Neustring in the survey who have also produced a successful Business Intelligence tool Optiprizer.

There are very many mixed opinions on RMS: Some Operators enjoy them, embrace the opportunity to use them and make more efficient their management of Roaming Partners and RAEX. While other Operators find them inflexible, hard to integrate with existing systems and falling short of all the processes which Roaming teams have to deliver. It’s why we felt that we should run a survey for Operators so that they could give their confidential feedback independently to us to gauge opinions and see which tools were getting closer to the requirements.

All Operators who took part in the RMS Survey will shortly receive their free copy of the standard results for RMS Business Intelligence. Many thanks to the operators who took part in our Survey.

We are also selling the Advanced version of the RMS Survey Results which contains the feedback about both types of RMS from our website. We sell our surveys to recover the costs of running the surveys. The advanced version contains more than 120 pages of analysis and is more suitable for those considering running and RFP or in the market for an RMS system.

If you are an operator and you would like to take part in ROCCO Research there are two Surveys currently underway. Simply follow this link to choose which one you would like to take part in. Remember we will send you the free results as soon as they are published.

With many thanks to all Operators who took part.

Welcome to a world of relevant research for the evolution of Roaming.

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