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Neutral Independent Research is really cool and a real first for our industry. 
It’s a real taster of what’s to come and you get to imagine for a moment that you’re really there using the product or solution for a moment. For over a year ROCCO has been conducting independent research specifically on Roaming. It’s our little niche and we’re really enjoying being close to operators thoughts, but most importantly what they want.
Our survey results express the opinions of Operators of all the suppliers of a specific Roaming solution so we’re able to give operators a flavour of what it would be like to work with that Supplier from people in Operators who are also in the same position as them. It’s great because typically Operators will never share their opinions with other operators, who maybe competitors.
Which is why having built up a strong customer base in our research we’re now able to sell our Advanced Survey Results at a special price -40% on the original cost of £2100 the Advanced Survey results will not cost £1260 (Over 100 pages of analysis). In addition for £3000 its possible to purchase 3 Advanced surveys of your choice, you choose the topics, DCH, FCH, HUB, RMS, ISP, SOR, REG. See our Survey Results pages for all the pricing and offers we have. 
We hope you enjoy the Research we have introduced to the market and continue to support us in delivering a new way to review products and services for our industry.
ROCCO =  Roaming360

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