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Greetings from ROCCO HQ. It’s been two years today since I started ROCCO. Thankyou to all of you who took the time to contact us and wish us happy birthday.

I had some idea when I left Vodafone Roaming Services that we could make something special in ROCCO just because I felt there was nothing like what we were planning out there. But when you get a team together and you start thinking, then really there is no stopping you and what you can achieve.

I won’t say its been an easy two years, your colleagues in the industry always surprise you, some you no longer see so much and some go to every length to support you and help you be as successful as you can be. The encouragement we have had has been tremendous. Of course these are the challenges any new company will face and even after reading every book on making a new company nothing can teach you like the real life experience!

Auditing: Combine our Audit tool with our Roaming knowledge and you get the best independent advice to take your Roaming function to the next level...

No one could have told me 5 years ago I would be working in a research business… with responses from over 600 Operators to our Surveys, ROCCO Research has become recognised across the industry as a source of new data for Roaming.

Now with our Insight Community starting up we feel at the centre of opinion in many industry matters which is naturally where we should be to be good consultants.

With many new Certified Roaming people out there, ROCCO Education has taken a step to develop Roaming Training to a new level, interactive, fun and memorable. For ROCCO it means we get to meet people from all different cultures and this is what the Roaming Industry has always been about for us.


Learning about operators from the inside out is also something we we enjoy doing, with ROCCO Audits we are trusted to understand the entire Roaming business and this has provided some great insights. Meeting everyone from Roaming Coordinators to IREG managers and seeing how they work is always interesting when you compare operator to operator.

Finally, with ROCCO Strategy we’ve been sitting at some new and very prestigious tables, surrounded by very bright and knowledgable people in our industry and we’re delighted to be a helpful part of the conversation, providing insights from all of the above areas to projects from Singapore to New Jersey. What a great way to teach and learn about the Roaming business.

Its been a great journey these past two years and I think I speak for everyone in the team when I say that we’ve never known more about the Roaming business than we do now.

A big thank you to all our friends and family who have been there to support us through these last two years. But most of all to our clients, thank you for your trust, encouragement and support, we are thankful for meeting and working with you, because of you we are always learning and no longer a start-up company.

Here’s to the next two years…

ROCCO = Roaming360™

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