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What do other Operators do to find Roaming Providers and what do they think about Roaming Providers? That’s a question we get asked a lot at ROCCO.

It’s the reason we started collating all the feedback of Operators about Roaming Suppliers in our Roaming Research. Over 600 Operators have taken part in our Research in the last year. It’s unique information which not only saves operators time but helps them make decisions about Providers who they’re probably going to find a long relationship with. With many operators changing provider frequently (as shown in our research who they leave and who they go to), that can’t be a bad thing.

Our Standard Survey Results are free to any Operators who takes the survey, but its also possible to buy the Standard and Advanced Survey Results from our website. See our Survey Results.

Our Surveys on International Signalling Providers and Steering of Roaming Providers close on the 10th October. Its also the day we launch two new surveys for FCH and DCH Providers for 2014. See our current Roaming surveys.

Please let us know any questions you may have. Simply contact our Head of Research federicaromano@roamingconsulting.com


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