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Every mobile network operator (MNO) wants to have the most international roaming partners as quick as possible, so that they can receive the most visitors to their network and keep their customers satisfied wherever they roam with whatever services they want to use. However, achieving this kind of competitive solution can take many years to deliver even when working with Roaming Hubs.

There are almost 800 GSM operators globally and each agreement needs to be tested methodically to ensure it is dependable. Operators have to choose the right partners and roaming suppliers and ensure that the processes and GSMA standards are followed. Each agreement then needs to be maintained and optimised to ensure the operator is achieving the maximum inbound roaming revenue stream and the best tariffs for their customers.

These are just a few of the reasons that JT and the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd (ROCCO) have joined together to market and operate a service distinctive in the roaming industry; JT Roam Connect. It is an innovative new service supported exclusively by ROCCO and powered by Tier 1 Mobile Network Operator; JT.

The service characteristically combines and leverages JT’s established and well acknowledged global roaming footprint, with ROCCO’s extensive experience in the delivery of roaming, to combine and offer a comprehensive and complete package for roaming operations worldwide.

Like many operators, JT has long relied on the traditional Roaming Processes to build their footprint and are familiar with how to optimise this situation. Having spent 15 years developing their roaming footprint they understand exactly what kind of challenge any new operator is facing.

JT’s Head of Roaming, Cara Murphy remembers the challenge of optimising JT’s roaming footprint well:

“Many operators are not in groups and have no sibling companies with whom they can learn from or understand best practice in this area, JT learned for itself and from working with suppliers the pitfalls and the tricks of the trade to optimise our roaming”.

ROCCO has a niche as consultants in the roaming industry, as they offer consulting for roaming strategy as well as operational set-up and optimisation. ROCCO too believes hindsight is a wonderful tool to have when planning ahead.

Jason Bryan Chief Commercial Officer from ROCCO advised:

“It makes sense to have professional advisers in our industry because it pays in cost savings to work with experienced connected people who know well what works, in terms of costs, quality & timelines”, “ROCCO is excited to work with JT as I think they have just the right level of entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism to move fast in our industry”.

Miss Murphy concluded:

“JT’s goal is to position ourselves as the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation, and to do that we have to be leading-edge to remain relevant to our clients. Through partnering with a market-leading consultant like ROCCO, we are able to unlock innovation in services, to deliver quality and cost-effective services to customers, wherever they operate.”

If you would like further information about the JT Roam Connect service, please see the dedicated ROCCO webpage. JT Roam Connect.



ROCCO is a recently established British company with resources with firm foundations in roaming for almost 20 years. Their passion for roaming has taken them through all four generations of roaming experience with projects covering LTE, Wi-Fi Roaming, Connected Living, Roaming Regulation, Roaming MVNO’s and Roaming Hubbing.

They offer strategic consulting and training and have recently launched ROCCO Research a new arm of their business dedicated to Market Research for Roaming.


About JT

Based in the Channel Islands JT is part of the JT Group, an innovative and progressive global communications enabler with a vision to become the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation. With over 120 years’ experience, JT has gone from strength to strength and is now the leading pan-island communications provider with international presence across Europe, Asia and the United States that has aided its evolution in becoming a leading supplier in roamed services. JT has invested heavily in a resilient off-island network, helping robustly connect the Channel Islands internationally and support their place on the global business stage.

JT’s product range encompasses all the products and services expected from a cutting edge Tier 1 telecoms operator – from Voice and Data, Consultancy, Co-Location, Internet, Security, Cloud Back-up and Mobile, to Support Services and Managed Services. Supporting both domestic and business customers. JT are also widely recognised as the largest provider of Data services in the Channel Islands including Hosting and eGaming.

JT Group has recently announced the completion of its acquisition of the UK based company, Worldstone, a global provider of Managed Services. This strategically important acquisition will further enable JT to expand their provision of Managed IT Services. With partnerships in more than 100 countries worldwide, the acquisition of Worldstone opens up implementation, management and support facilities in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US for JT customers.

JT, formerly Jersey Telecom, is wholly owned by the States of Jersey and employs 436 people across its international operations. The company is currently implementing a point-to-point fibre optic network in Jersey due for completion in 2016 known as Gigabit Isles.

To find out more please visit www.jtglobal.com, www.gigabitjersey.com and www.worldstone.com

or contact jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com, cara.murphy@jtglobal.com to book an appointment to talk about JTRC in Playa Del Carmen



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