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Following the success of last years Financial Clearing and Data Clearing Surveys, ROCCO is pleased to announce the opening of this years surveys.

Why ROCCO Roaming Surveys?: ROCCOs Roaming Surveys allow Operators to take part in Research which not only gives them the chance to give their opinion, but also to receive results which can help them understand the marketplace from the perspective of an opinionated and global Operator base. Any operator who takes part in the surveys gets a free standard version of the results when published. Our survey results are often used to help Operators research which providers they will use or simply to understand strengths and weaknesses in performance and leadership measures.

This years results: Last years surveys were a great success owing to the fact that many Operators had clear opinions on whom they thought were the best providers. This years results will compare last years and this years results side by side to show the delta between opinion and perception in the marketplace of the Providers. For many operators this has been something they desired to see. We have included a few new areas following the feedback of Operators in previous surveys.

Two surveys Launched together: We have launched the Surveys simultaneously this year because we recognise that often the person in the Operator who completes them is the same. However the results for FCH Survey will be published in December, while the results of DCH in January 2015 owing to the time it takes for us to collate the results and create the surveys themselves.

Links to the surveys:

FCH Survey

DCH Survey

Many thanks for taking part in ROCCO Research

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