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With so many Steering of Roaming (SOR) Providers available for Operators to choose from, several operators asked ROCCO to advise who the best provider might be.

We used our Operator survey community to give us insights on 30+ Performance and Leadership criteria on 11 Providers whom were front of mind when considering SOR. The Survey took place over the summer months and we’re happy now to advise that for the second year running, Starhome Mach were chosen by Operators as the market leaders.

Of course there was considerable competition and our Standard Survey results compare all the providers showing those which are the best ‘known’ and ‘rated’ providers from across the whole base. Operators who took part in the Survey will shortly receive their free copy of the Standard survey.

ROCCO also produce an 100+ page Advanced Licensed Version of our Survey Results which compare the main providers and give insights suitable to Operators who might be interested in why Starhome Mach and other SOR providers performed the way they did. E.g. against criteria like the providers who are the most “Value for Money” and “Trusted”. With our new Pricing our latest Survey Results are available to buy from www.roamingconsulting.com

Last week saw the publication of our new Financial Clearing and Data Clearing Surveys which close on December 10th 2014.

Congratulations to Starhome Mach for their continued success.

Jason Bryan, CEO ROCCO



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