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Today ROCCO is proud to announce the launch of the first four surveys of its new Research Programme on Wholesale Roaming Cost on Data Clearing, Diameter, NRTRDE and RMS-Analytics.

This programme of research was stimulated by a number of Operators responding to our Roaming Surveys with simple questions:

“Why is there so little transparency on Wholesale Roaming Costs?”And…“What are the Market Prices for Roaming Products and Services such as Diameter, DCH or IPX”.

ROCCO made extensive study of these questions and found that no information was readily available to share with Operators. We then began to carefully consider how we could approach this transparency question. And following discussions with Regulators, Anti-Trust Lawyers and other industry professionals we began to design our new programme of surveys. ROCCO would never do anything which breaches the Anti-trust or confidentiality rules. On the contrary:

Our goal is to encourage competition in the wholesale market by enabling Operators to reach a better understanding of Price Trends.

The 10 Surveys within our Wholesale Market Cost Research Programme are about the approximate Wholesale Market Costs Operators pay for Roaming Products and Services. The surveys never mention specific vendors and contain no information about vendors or their pricing plans.

In these surveys we ask Operators to share approximate and recent Market Costs that they pay for Roaming Products and Services. These costs may have been obtained from market research their companies have conducted (from RFP) or any relevant data that they may know of. Clearly for our research the more accurate the pricing approximation they have the more accurate our results will be.

Any operator taking part in these surveys will receive aggregated results (from all the operators who took part) containing the lowest and highest approximated market rates charged to Operators and the average rate for the service. They will also get details about all the variables in the pricing, the pricing models used, exceptions to the model, interesting facts from our survey and any other useful information we can gather. For every Survey Operators complete we will send them the appropriate data regarding the market price for that product or service.

Naturally (but it’s still worth mentioning), ROCCO commits to maintain the data provided by Operators in the strictest of confidence and will never disclose the respondees of its surveys, nor indicate the company or country of the respondee. Please see Our Confidentiality Mandate for more information.

Our Wholesale Market Cost Research Programme will take place annually from November to January with the results sent to Operators taking part at the end of January.

For more information about the surveys taking place within this programme today please see the Surveys page.


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