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“ROCCO” , “Roaming360” and “True Roaming” are Registered Trademarks of the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd.

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Here at ROCCO HQ we receive many requests from Operators asking for advice about how to optimise their Roaming teams and make the best of the resources, tools and time that they have.

Our New Survey: How we do Roaming in 2015 asks a few insightful questions to Roaming people about what they think to the roaming processes, standards and suppliers they use today. We open the door to discussion about outsourcing, how elements like Associations and Alliances support Operators. It’s your chance to give your view on where Roaming is today and what the best business model may be.

How can it help Operators: If you complete this survey, we will study your data and present you with the aggregated data of all Operators who take part. It’s an easy way for you to get the best advice of Operators on how to handle Roaming.

Click on this button to start the survey. It takes about 8 minutes.

[symple_button color=”orange” url=”https://www.research.net/s/ROCCOHowwedoRoamingin2015″ title=”” target=”blank” border_radius=””]How we do Roaming in 2015[/symple_button] Commenced January 6th 2015. Expires February 27th 2015. Open to GSM Operators and Roaming MVNOs only. This survey takes on average 8 minutes to complete.


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