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Rogers and other Canadian carriers have signed agreements that will see Extended Coverage in places national carriers couldn’t reach. The idea is to offer handover between carrier partners in areas that usually have poor service. According to the press Extended Coverage will officially go live on March 4th.

Domestic roaming deals were reported in January to be already in place between Rogers, Fido, Bell, TELUS, and Videotron in Canada. These deals should help handover of calls as a caller travels from one area to another partner’s area. Rogers released a document that said, “We are committed to bringing the best possible network experience to our customers. To let customers use their devices in locations they couldn’t before, we are partnering with other network providers to offer Extended Coverage at no additional charge.”

To enable Extended Coverage, which when connected will show up on a customers device as “Rogers – EXT,” they’ll have to turn roaming on on the phone and use their plan exactly as they normally would anywhere in the country. According to the document, over 50% of monthly usage has to be on the Rogers network. Usage is determined as combined voice, text and data. If after three months, the usage exceeds 50% while roaming on a partner network, the terms state that a user will be blocked from further usage.

Below is a map that will go live this week, showing the new extended coverage areas.
















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