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Operators shared with us their views about Vendors and we believe in recognising them for their leadership in the market. 

In next weeks Industry Meetings in Dubai we’re pleased to award for the 2nd year our ROCCO Awards for Vendor Performance in Roaming. Operators chose who they thought the leaders were, we facilitated the analysis of their views and produced our Vendor Performance Reports.




So who gets a ROCCO this year?

  • Data Clearing: Comfone

  • Financial Clearing and Settlement: Comfone

  • International Signalling: BICS

  • Steering of Roaming: Starhome MACH

  • Operational RMS: Roamsys

  • Analytical RMS: Nextgen

Thanks to the feedback of over 500 Operators in the last year to produce our reports and capture this important Industry information. We get so much feedback from Operators about how useful this information can be and we are glad to be able to offer this service.

If you are Dubai next week we look forwards to meeting you there. We wish you Bon voyage.

To purchase our Vendor Performance Reports see our Research Store or to see more Research currently being conducted see our Current Research Projects page.


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