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RLAH-2At ROCCO HQ we’re happy to announce the publication of our Diameter Market Pricing Report. We asked Operators to give us their opinions on the market price for Diameter Transactions. Over 50 Operators from all parts of the world gave us their view on the Market Price.

Our Diameter Market Pricing Reports feature approximate Market pricing. Operators taking part have given information within data ranges about all aspects of the Pricing plan.  There are two report types. One which summarises the findings “the Executive Summary” and one which analysis’s the findings in depth


The Executive Summary of the Report is a 20+ page document and explains the lowest, average and highest market prices for Diameter across 5 continents. Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and Central america and Asia. It also shows the structure through which Operators pay, i.e. the type of Pricing Model used. This version of the report is given for free to any Operator who took part in this survey. The Executive Summary was sent to Operators this week.

Slide02The Strategic Analysis version of the report is a 60+ page document and explains in great details every price point and structure in Diameter Pricing. It includes breakdown of data by Continent, Operator type and Pricing model. It includes data on  bundling and pricing evolution. It is a perfect guide to what Operators should be charged for Diameter Pricing and what price points are out there.

Read more about our Diameter Market Pricing at our Research Store.

We still have several surveys in Market Pricing available for Operators to take part in, including DCH, FCH and Steering of Roaming. Any Operator who takes part in the survey will receive free Executive summary of the research.

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