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RLAH-6From April 1st 2015, ROCCO will make changes to the way it presents its Vendor Performance Reports. We will still prepare our Executive Summary and Strategic Analysis Reports however the vendors contained in the reports will not be ranked according to their specific scores but in tiers:

Tier 1: Vendors who performed at an excellent level (4-5 out of 5)

Tier 2: Vendors who performed at a good level (3.5-4 out of 5)

Tier 3: Vendors who performed at a average level (3-3.5 out of 5)


Reason for the change:

It’s two years since we began ROCCO Research. In the last 12 months, we are delighted that over 500 Operators and vendors have found the data we provide useful. On analysis of the reports we would now like to focus on what the results really mean to the market. It’s important for us to show where the market is and tailor our research projects to this.

We believe it is better for the industry for us to announce tiered results because of what the tiers represent. Within this new approach, there may be a number of outcomes we might see in the reports:

  • No Vendor has reached Tier 1 (this suggests a dis-satisfaction with the vendor solutions and the way the standard processes are performed. ROCCO may make more detailed analysis of the points of dissatisfaction, maybe new standards are needed or more detailed Research)
  • Only One Vendor has reached Tier 1 (there is a market leader, one Vendor is pleasing Operators, what can the market learn about their performance)
  • Several Vendors have reached Tier 1 (several leaders with similar results have impressed operators, what can the market learn about their performance)
  • All Vendors have reached Tier 1 (the market is happy with the performance of all Vendors – which informs ROCCO that further research may not be necessary in subsequent years)

Says Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO about the new approach:

Anyone who knows our Reports will understand that there is a lot of analysis of Operators views and it all works on a basic 1-5 scoring system. A tiered approach works better because it rates Vendors not on ranking with each other but ranking overall against the best possible performance in the market.

All other elements of the research remain the same.


How we will communicate the Results:

On conclusion of the research and analysis of the data. No leader will be announced in social media as we have done in previous years but we will announce the results in the tiers on our website.

The Executive Summary of the Report (20 pages) will be available to purchase for a low cost, with all participants of the survey getting a free copy and this will show the tiered performance.

Finally in our Strategic Analysis Report (100+ pages) we will show the tiered performance and the detailed performance of each vendor.


New Features

We will include within our research the opportunity for Operators to make quotes about vendors which might be useful for Operators reviewing the Reports to understand better the specific feelings of Operators about a vendor.

We are constantly evolving and tuning the questions according to the feedback given by Operators. So we know from experience the most useful questions and feedback sought by Operators. If you have feedback for us you will always find the opportunity to share that within the surveys. Or by contacting us.


For further information and questions please contact our CEO Jason Bryan.

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