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O2’s public WiFi hotspots can be very useful, but getting into the app and filling out the registration page to gain access has always been a pain. To make it simpler, the network is introducing a new service called O2 WiFi Extra, which automatically connects customers with an O2 SIM card to Wi-Fi hotspots.images

That means no registration, or even looking through your network settings for the correct WiFi hotspot. What a great way for a network to cover high density zones with wi-fi back up. Once the feature has been enabled, you’ll be connected to them automatically if

“the WiFi signal is stronger than O2’s 3G or 4G network.”

To be eligible, you’ll first need a compatible smartphone. O2’s free WiFi hotspots are available in 11,000 locations across the UK, including McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and Debenhams. The new service will roll out over the next two months.

It’s not clear if Inbound Roamers will also get this service.

Source: O2UK

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