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UnknownFor UK customers who get patchy signal at home, or no signal at all, they can now call and text through their WiFi. And for small business customers, they’ll be able to do the same at the office, a client site or even a café too. EE call it Wi-Fi Calling.

Customers of EE will be the first in the Uk to receive this service. Users don’t need an app they simply connect to WiFi and use their phone as normal. Get more information on WiFi Calling here.

Says Iain Morris of Light Reading:

The first thing to say is that upgrading the iPhone 6 to support WiFi calling involves nothing more than a standard software upgrade, with which any iPhone user will be familiar, followed by a couple of tweaks to settings. After those changes have been carried out, a small “WiFi calling” icon appears at the top of the screen to indicate that calls will automatically run over WiFi in preference to cellular.

So far, the WiFi Calling-enabled iPhone 6 appears to have picked up every call made to it. Moreover, when calls do get through on the cellular network, it is usually hard to make out everything a caller says. In the living room, where the WiFi router is stationed, that has not been a problem using WiFi calling.

Unfortunately, EE’s WiFi calling service does not yet support handover from WiFi to cellular should a customer move outside the hotspot. As a result, when I tried migrating from the living room to the bedroom, where the WiFi signal is relatively weak, the call I was on failed. Handover does not work in the other direction, either. So if you receive a call on your way back home, you’re better off finishing it before you arrive.

Source: EE, Light Reading

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