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UnknownIn addition to offering customers a cheaper alternative to their phone subscriptions, one of the main draws of Google’s newly launched Project Fi service is that it will seamlessly switch a user’s phone service from cellular to Wi-Fi. Googles description goes like this:

Networks change in quality as you move around. To help you get the highest-quality connection at your location, Project Fi uses new technology to intelligently connect you to the fastest network whether it’s Wi-Fi or one of our partner LTE networks.

Project Fi uses new technology to give you fast speed in more places and better connections to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi calling is nothing new; apps like Skype, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp make it easier for smartphone users to place calls over the Internet and forgo mobile networks altogether. But as this option becomes increasingly more beneficial to users, carriers have shown increasing interest in adopting Wi-Fi calling themselves. Whether it’s because they want to bolster their network coverage or improve user experience, some US carriers already provide the service, and now Google has jumped into the ring as well.

Read more about Wi-Fi Calling in our Education Centre. At present we know of no Operators offering Wi-Fi calling in the Roaming scenario, but we are certain the time will come.

Source: Google, CNET



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