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Our “How we do Roaming in 2015” survey focussed on the typical Wholesale Roaming team its challenges, outsourcing requirements, processes and needs, we were able to make some conclusions on how typically Operators build their Roaming teams and what works optimally for them.

Optimising the Roaming team for delivery could be considered a science, because it takes experience and skill to make it work smoothly. We asked Operators to tell us 1) what quantity of resources both part time and full time, 2) working in house and outsourced, 3) working specifically on Roaming tasks that they had in their team and the results are in the diagram below. What was interesting to see was how consistent Operators were in the assignment of tasks in the way it is shown below, suggesting there really is a common formula to the Roaming team in 2015.

Naturally some teams are a lot smaller than this and some bigger depending upon the number of Roaming Partners, processes followed and positioning within the company, we cannot make an accurate assessment of whether a team is constructed well without a Roaming Audit because there are many factors. However since most Operators deliver around 500 Roaming partners the workload may be considered consistent. 

This exercise was interesting for me personally as in 2002 I did this same exercise while working for O2 (UK) with all of our Roaming partners of the time and the results were very similar to this. We may speculate that Roaming processes haven’t become more efficient over time but that’s for another diagram and another day.  Look out for more samples from this report coming soon.

Finally, anyone who took part in this anonymous survey will shortly be sent the full “How we do Roaming in 2015” report to their chosen e-mail account.

If you find this useful, please pass along to your colleagues or Roaming partners and ask them to build teams like this, so we can all deliver Roaming more efficiently! To take part in ROCCO Research projects follow this link.

Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO


ROCCO Average Roaming Team-4

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