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Our “How we do Roaming in 2015” survey focussed on the typical Wholesale Roaming team its challenges and performance, we were able to make some conclusions on how Operators Wholesale Roaming teams think about Industry Associations, Processes, Roaming Vendors and several other factors.

The two diagrams below should be viewed side by side to get a real “temperature check” for what Operators have been thinking about in 2015. Some topics we are all familiar with but some provide some insights into current challenges you may not be aware of. From these inputs we are able to see that our Research into Vendor Performance and Market pricing is useful to Operators.

One particular focus within the feedback has been around Roaming vendors. Clearly there are some excellent vendors in the market who have focused their attention on Operator needs. However, there are also several Vendors that frustrate Operators. The general feeling we have is that Operators are at a crossroads…

Outsourcing means that Vendors are able to look after a certain aspect of the Roaming business and because they do it for a number of Operators it can be a good solution. However the urgency of action needed in some situations, such as eagerness to resolve issues that effect revenues, is often hard to replicate in a Roaming Vendor without specific care and attention made to requirements.

Roaming is a business which is still built on business relationships which need to be nourished directly and even while efficiencies can be created, Operators should always know their business partners. On balance, the survey reports this: Operators Wholesale Roaming Teams still face challenges in 2015 with the efficiency of delivering and monitoring Wholesale Roaming because the whole ecosystem is not yet optimised. Operators feel less empowered to develop efficiencies than Industry Associations and Vendors because they need the consolidated view these entities provide to give direction, innovate and develop the Wholesale Roaming model. Without innovation of the model and processes it will not be truly dynamic and to able to actively compete with Roaming substitutes (OTT Players, Wi-FI, VoIP etc).

Look out for more samples from this report coming soon. Finally, anyone who took part in this anonymous survey will shortly be sent the full “How we do Roaming in 2015” report to their chosen e-mail account. We have added all the direct quotes from Operators.

If you find this useful, please pass along to your colleagues or Roaming partners. To take part in ROCCO Research projects follow this link.

Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO

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