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With costs for National Roaming reduced by up to 75% it could be we are about to see a travel and communication revolution in India.

At the beginning of April TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, reduced the ceiling rates allowed for national roaming calls and SMS, effective as from May 1st.

As decided by the Indian Regulator, no operator can now charge more than 80 paise for local call, Rs 1.15 for STD call, 45 paise for incoming call on per minute basis from a customer during roaming in the country from May 1 onward.

The regulator has also fixed 25 paise for each local sms and 38 paise per STD or national SMS.

Telecom operators are free to offer customers lower rate than prescribed by TRAI but all companies have announced reduction equal to the maximum rates mandated by the regulator.

The new tariff structure means an overall reduction of call charges during national roaming by 20% and messaging charges by 75%.


All Indian operators are now responding to regulation and have come out with new packages,

Reliance Communications announced a reduction in national roaming charges, with customers now having to pay 40% lower tariffs for incoming calls while roaming.

On outgoing calls made while roaming anywhere in the country, both local and STD, the new charges are up to 23% lower,”

the company said.

Bharti Airtel has also reduced national roaming tariffs:

Outgoing local SMS rate reduced up to 75%. Outgoing inter circle SMS rate reduced up to 74%. Incoming call rates reduced up to 40%. Outgoing inter circle call rates reduced up to 23 %and outgoing local call rates reduced up to 20%“.

As for Idea Cellular, they will now offer incoming calls at just Rs. 0.45 per minute, meaning a reduction of 40%.

Outgoing local call rates have been reduced by 20% and STD call rates by 23%. Local SMS will now be available for just Rs. 0.25 and STD SMS for just Rs. 0.38, on roaming nationally. The revised tariffs will be applicable starting May 1, 2015 for all Idea prepaid and postpaid users across the country,”

said the management of Idea Cellular.

Also Vodafone India has slashed its national roaming rates by up to 75%, whilst

for a local roaming text customers will pay 25 paise as compared to Re 1; and for STD texts, 38 paise from Rs 1.50 earlier in accordance with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines”,

Vodafone India said in a statement.


Currently Vodafone India offers incoming free packs for prepaid and postpaid customers, under which incoming voice calls on national roaming are free provided that the customer pay of fixed charge. The same has also been revised.

Finally, Tata Docomo said that their customers

…will now pay less for both local and STD calls on national roaming. On roaming, for all outgoing local calls, now the customer has to pay 80 paise per minute from the earlier Rs 1 per minute.”

For STD calls during roaming, Tata Docomo customers will be charged Rs 1.15 per minute compared to Rs 1.5 per minute charged earlier.

The customers will have to pay 25 paise per local SMS when they are on roaming instead of Re 1 charged earlier and for STD or national SMS customers will have to 38 paise compared to Rs 1.5 per SMS levied earlier.

For incoming calls on roaming, the customer will be charged 45 paise per minute from the earlier 75 paise per minute

the company announced.

Source: Economic times, India Times

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