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Frustrates and Delights-3Our “How we do Roaming in 2015” survey focussed on the typical Wholesale Roaming team its challenges and performance, we were able to make some conclusions on what challenges Operators Wholesale Roaming teams face,  and several other key factors related to how they do business.

The diagrams below show new insights into general Roaming team practices… to Roaming people they may not be that surprising but some have some unexpected figures. One particular focus within the feedback has been around what challenges Roaming teams face with getting Roaming Agreements and we can see from this diagram how popular Sponsored Roaming (dual/multi IMSI) and Network Extensions are.

Next week we will publish our Ten techniques to seduce Roaming Partners, if you are an Operator whose feeling like you will never get the agreements you want you may seek out this advice. For more information on Strategy please contact us. Or for LTE Strategy you may like to take part in our LTE and VoLTE Strategy Survey.

This is the final sample from our Survey results. Anyone who took part in this anonymous survey will shortly be sent the full “How we do Roaming in 2015” report to their chosen e-mail account. We have added all the direct quotes from Operators.

If you find this useful, please pass along to your colleagues or Roaming partners. To take part in ROCCO Research projects follow this link.

Jason Bryan CEO ROCCO

Insights into the Wholesale Roaming Team

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