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A2P (Application to Person) SMS is a text message sent from an application which may typically be a web app to a mobile subscriber. The common use cases of A2P are alerts, notifications and marketing messages such as banking updates or flight alerts.

In recent months, we have received many requests by Operators to conduct a survey of Vendors offering A2P SMS Messaging services. So we’re pleased to announce our first A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance survey is now OPEN. Please take a moment to tell us your feelings about A2P SMS Messaging and the vendors in the community. The survey has been designed by industry specialists in A2P SMS Messaging with a focus on Performance and Leadership KPIs important to these services. Operators are free to confidentially talk about these providers, what they do well and how they might improve.

The survey is giving a completely neutral view based on the Operators who participate. It provides to vendors in the community an understanding of what Operators think, what their brand perception might be and how they can improve. The Survey is therefore not open to Vendors in the community and ROCCO removes inputs from respondees from vendors who take part. Results are published on our website and detailed strategic analysis on a vendor by vendor basis will be available for purchase.

Like all our Research Projects, ROCCO remains completely neutral in all aspects of our work, we offer an Industry service free of bias, which is why in the past year over 550 Operators globally have responded to our surveys. The responses we receive are completely confidential to ROCCO and its management team and are not shared with any other individual or company, all results of the survey published within our reports are aggregated and no personal data is ever included.

Within the survey we have used vendors who are well known within the Industry (and on the web) although the list is not complete, so we have designed the survey so that any Operators can add a provider and talk about that provider if they do not find them in the list. Vendors who want to be included in the survey who are not already included simple need to contact jasonbryan@roamingconsulting.com and ROCCO will include them.

The Survey will run from today for two months. With the results being published in May 2015. Take part in our Anonymous Research Projects: for completing this survey Operators will receive an Executive Overview of 10-20 pages of the aggregated results of all Operators who took part in the survey.

To take the survey simply click here. Thank you for participating.

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