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images-1Fon Wireless Ltd. , the Madrid-based WiFi specialist that encourages its users to share their WiFi connections with others to grow its footprint, has surpassed 15 million hotspots worldwide. Its speedy growth is partly attributable to recent partnerships with Vodafone Group plc in Spain and Italy.

Fon, the global WiFi network, entered a partnership with Vodafone Spain and Vodafone Italy to deploy community WiFi. Together they will build the largest WiFi network in Spain and Italy.

Fon has become the world’s largest community WiFi network with its original and unique crowdsourced approach. It is built by millions of users who share a bit of their WiFi at home. Today, more than 14 million members share and enjoy being part of the Fon Community.

Fon members share a bit of their home WiFi, and in turn get free access at millions of other Fon hotspots worldwide. Joining is easy. All you have to do is buy a Fon WiFi router and plug it into your broadband connection. No monthly fees! Or, if you live in a country where Fon has a telco partner, just sign up with them to become a member.

Vodafone modems will become part of the Fon network, broadcasting two powerful, dedicated WiFi signals from a single broadband Internet source. One signal is encrypted and private. The other signal is public, but only accessible via password. Since the private network is always prioritized, there is no noticeable change in Internet speed for those who share.

Vodafone Spain will roll out the joint service to its customers. Vodafone Italy will launch the following week.

“Our partnership with Fon helps us to ensure that our customers are confidently connected wherever they are in the world. Fon technology will complement our existing services in Spain, while enabling us to offer our customers the convenience of being able to access the millions of Fon hotspots around the world.”

said Babak Fouladi, CTO at Vodafone Spain.

These initial deployments will be completed by summer and there will be more than 2 million Vodafone-Fon Spots available in Spain and Italy by the end of the year.

Source: Fon, Light Reading

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