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5Analytical Roaming Management Tools & Solutions

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We are pleased to announce a new Research Project for Operators. This survey is about Analytical Roaming Management Tools & Solutions.

Roaming Management Tools or Solutions that assist Operators in managing wholesale analysis of traffic to assist with the delivery of forecasting and strategic planning. Therefore the focus of these tools is: IOT Deal optimisation and similar.

This survey about Analytical tools accompanies the survey launched last week for Operational Roaming Management Tools & Solutions.

This Research is asking some tough questions about the vendors. Focussed on margin improvement, Customer Service and the capabilities of the tools.

Analytical Roaming Management Tools & Solutions on the market:

This Research features the following Vendors know to us who supply Analytical Tools. If you know of additional vendors we can include them, you fill find a section in the Survey to talk about any Vendor we have not shown here…

  • InfoBrain (visRoam) www.infobrain.com
  • Neustring (Wholesale, Dashboard) www.neustring.com
  • Nextgen (IOTRON) www.nextgenclearing.com
  • Oculeus (RoamingBI) www.oculeus.com
  • RoamSmart (SmartBI) www.roam-smart.com
  • Starhome MACH (Unity Portal: Discount Optimizer) www.starhomemach.com
  • Syniverse (Intelligent Roaming) www.syniverse.com

About the Research

The Roaming Management Analytical Tools & Solutions Vendor Performance Research Project has been requested by many Operators over the last year. The survey is open for a short time with the report expected in late September 2015.

By now many operators have sought the support of Vendors in improving their margins on discount deals. With the help of Industry specialists we have devised this survey which asks important questions about the efficiency of the Analytical Tools and Solutions on the market.

Like always, we always share our findings with the Operators who take part, so if you complete this survey you will receive a free Executive Summary of all the aggregated feedback from all the Operators taking part.

Thank you for participating in ROCCO Research.

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