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Unknown-1The European Commission will monitor the behavior of mobile operators in view of the planned abolition of roaming charges within the EU as of mid-2017, according to Gunther Oettinger, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

In an interview for European radio network Euranet Plus, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio, a member of the network, Oettinger said that, from end-2015 until the entry into force of the changes, the Commission would check on a monthly basis for price hikes introduced by mobile operators in a bid to compensate for the elimination of roaming charges within the EU.

He vowed that the Commission would intervene in the case of unacceptable market practices.

Oettinger reminded that EU rules and the Member States’ laws authorized the Commission and the national regulatory authorities to block and amend such practices.

On June 30, the Latvian presidency reached a provisional deal with the European Parliament on new rules to end mobile phone roaming fees and safeguard open internet access, also known as net neutrality rules.

Under the agreement, roaming surcharges in the European Union will be abolished as of June 15, 2017.

Source: Novinite

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