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DSC_2024Once in a while here at ROCCO HQ we like to deviate from our regular strategic path to bring you some kind of travel dialogue.

Today we come to the super important topic of Airline food… Oh I can hear you sighing already… well just hold on…

You might ask what does food have to do with Roaming?

Well we believe the process of travel as it is today is as important to the continuation of Roaming as the willingness to start a data session on our devices. Our travel infrastructure, the flights and train experiences we have, the taxis, ticketing processes, airport lounges and availability of device recharging stations, cater to a much wider view of the success of travel and Roaming experiences. They are integral to our willingness to roam and they are strategic to the future of Roaming.

For example: The cost of the flight and all that influences that, the ease at which we get to and move around an airport. The ability to relax ourselves and to find ourselves productive in a space alien to our normal environment is fundamental to whether we take a trip or we stay at home and Skype.

Banal or tasteless food served in plastic, that if we found it infront of us in a restaurant or at our home we are likely to reject, somehow in the setting of an aircraft suddenly becomes something we feel compelled to eat. Maybe its the presence of the clouds or the inflight entertainment system or the fact we are served this food that makes it more compelling. When I see people tucking into an aluminium tray (probably kept at exactly the right temprature for bacteria to flourish), I have to ask why is it that we support this when we are normally so picky about how and what we eat?

as Alain de Botton once said:

With the inflight tray, we make ourselves at home in this unhomely place: we appropriate the extraterrestrial landscape with the help of a chilled bread roll and a plastic tray of potato salad.

So to the delightful webpage www.airlinemeals.net

Airline meals has the largest online photo archive of inflight meals. Since 2001 they’ve been documenting aviation history by collecting photos of airline food and have collected 35,000 images from up to 700 airlines from around the world.

Users of their site can send their own images, see how airline meals are prepared, read inflight catering related news, have a look at food in airline lounges, check out menu cards.

So if you are even contemplating a delicious dinner that you didn’t bring to the flight yourself from the departure lounge… take a look at this site and see for yourself who the contenders are for food in the sky.


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