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IMOBIX the international consulting and operations company based in the Americas and ROCCO the international consulting and research company based in Europe have partnered on a new sourcing service providing certified IREG and TADIG test resources globally to Operators looking to expedite their LTE, 3G and CAMEL Roaming rollout.

With the global reach of both companies, ROCCOs experience with consulting and IMOBIX’s long history and many success stories with providing outsourced roaming testing services, the partnership aims to help new and existing operators quickly test and deploy new roaming services.

“Rolling out new roaming services quickly and efficiently requires strong IREG and TADIG resources and global coordination. At many operators these resources are already overburdened with existing operations. We are able to help operators address the ever-increasing testing requirements and quickly deliver the services and coverage they need to remain competitive, especially with LTE and LTE Advanced”,

said Jeff Hunter CEO of IMOBIX.

“We wanted to Partner with ROCCO because they also have a strong global presence and Roaming knowledge, and their training and certification services are complimentary to IMOBIXs strong operational experience.”

Of the Partnership Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO also commented

“Our research is telling us that Operators find IREG and TADIG the most difficult issues for Roaming rollout, by this partnership we are best placed to support operators in the pain points of Rollout for LTE. IMOBIX have supported many Operators with these services, they are in touch with the market needs and together I believe our experience can be a great advantage to Operators seeking to expedite testing”.

ROCCO is a roaming specific International consulting company based in Europe. The company was founded in 2012. The company finds itself responding to Operators and Vendors market needs for specific industry Research, Insights and education. Doing projects focused on Industry hot topics like LTE, Diameter, IPX and Roaming Regulation. Neutral in its outlook, over 500 Mobile Operators annually take part in its research conducted by ROCCO on Vendor Performance and Market Pricing. ROCCO has four main service verticals:

  • Research: ROCCO produces strategic reports aimed at supporting Operators to find the right vendors and pricing to manage Wholesale Roaming Cost.
  • Education: ROCCO offers Masterclasses, online certification in Roaming and bespoke training for Operator’s and Vendors
  • Audit: With the RAISE Audit tool ROCCO identifies strengths and weaknesses in Wholesale and Retail strategies and operations
  • Strategy: ROCCO is close to many of the key opportunities and threats in the market today. Watching the trends and considering all the scenarios with planning and Strategy courses

IMOBIX is an international consulting company based in the Americas focused on the mobile telecommunications industry. The company was founded in 2005 and a diverse global team with both management and operational experience. The focus of the company has been to assist mobile operators, service providers, industry regulatory agencies and organizations to help develop the mobile telecommunications market through innovative new products and services, optimized operations, and increased penetration and market awareness. IMOBIX offers a variety of services across four main service verticals:

  • Management Consulting: Strategic & management consultancy
  • RoamSource®: Roaming & Wholesale Outsourcing
  • Business Transformation: Industry training, process optimization and change management support
  • Technical & Network: Roaming QoS monitoring and reporting, drive testing, network deployments

To receive an estimate for Certified IREG and TADIG Testing Services, Resources, or Roaming Training to launch new or expand existing services, please contact either company below.


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