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UnknownMobily, a leading telecom operator in Saudi Arabia, has introduced a new package which offers its new and existing subscribers to get free internet while roaming in more than 53 countries including about 88 operators around the world.

Any “Raqi” subscriber will be able to use the Internet without the need to request subscription into the service or pay any additional fees while travelling outside the Kingdom.

Athbi Al Aqeel, general manager VIP Sales at Mobily said that Raqi packages are targeting special category of major customers either transferred from other operators, or new subscribers as well as transferred from other Mobily packages.

It allows subscribers many advantages such as the minutes and unlimited text within the Mobily network, as the customer can get 200 free call minutes SMSs within Mobily network, in addition to the unlimited internet package inside and outside the Kingdom, he added.

Raqi package has many unique features such as re-paid cash immediately after subscribing in “Raqi” package where the subscriber can retrieve the smartphone value which he buys from any Mobily outlet in a form of monthly deductions from the throughout the year.

Moreover, the subscribers in “Raqi” can get membership in the international services of “Priority Pass” and Quintessentially which allow the subscribers a unique and exclusive travel experience, thus Mobily is the first operator in the Kingdom that provides such services both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Mobily also backed up the added value of “Raqi” package through enabling subscribers to obtain up to three additional lines to the family, each SIM card has 500 free local minutes with SR100 ($26.6) monthly subscription for each line.

“Raqi” provides also the flexibility to share the acquired advantages of “Raqi” package with any of the three family lines, whether the Internet or calling minutes or SMSs.

Source: Trade Arabia News Service


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