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UnknownAn example of WI-FI Roaming proposition in practice, it offers a unique solution for Roaming. However, operators need to be aware Hot spot providers and their clients do not have licensed networks like GSM.


Globacom, is set to boost subscribers’ roaming experience with the launch of its Wi-Fi roaming service for subscribers on the go.

The Glo Wi-Fi roaming service affords subscribers who travel outside the country the ultimate mobile internet experience in over 300,000 internet hotspots in 42 countries.

Announcing the new offer in Lagos recently, Globacom’s Chief Commercial Director, Mr. Ajay Mathur, said with the offer, subscribers on its prepaid and postpaid platforms would be able to enjoy exceptionally fast Wi-Fi speeds on their mobile device or tablet in popular locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants, stadiums and coffee shops in the countries where the offer is available.

The Glo Wi-Fi roaming plans are like passes which grant our subscribers access to their favorite social media applications, websites or emails on any Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device or tablet. It automatically connects them to thousands of hotspots when they travel

Mathur explained.

The service is offered in daily and weekly hourly wi-fi plans which are pocket friendly, easy to monitor and give the subscriber double validity. The daily pack goes for N2,100 (0,01$) for one hour and has a validity period of 2 days, while the weekly pack goes for N9,200 for five hours with a 14-day validity (0,04$).

Whichever pack the subscriber chooses, he is guaranteed the same clear and transparent rate across all available hotspots

Mathur said, adding that each purchased plan has a period of six months within which the subscriber can use it.

Other benefits of the Glo Wi-Fi roaming include, internet speed three times faster than 3G, zero roaming charges, absence of contracts to use the service, zero fee for cancellation and round-the-clock customer service.

Countries where the service is available include, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, China, Japan, India, Austria, Belgium, Taiwan, Denmark, Ireland and Netherlands.

Others are Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Israel, Luxemburg and Malta. The rest are Martinique, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Reunion Island, Australia, New Zealand and Grenada.

To use the service, the customer is required to download the Glo Wi-Fi roaming app, which is available on the Android market and Apple store. Subscription is done via the app and by SMS locally before the customer travels. Subscription abroad would incur roaming charges as the subscriber would need to activate his roaming service to download app or send SMS.

Mathur also said the prepaid subscriber would need to load credit on the account to ensure enough airtime to cover desired wi-fi plan, while the postpaid customer simply subscribes for the desired plan from the app and the cost associated with the plan will be reflected in the monthly bill.

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